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Pallaso celebrates after reuniting with his family after 9 years

Musician Pius Mayanja (aka Pallaso) is bored after reuniting with his family after almost nine years. Let us remind you that during his stay in America, the singer had an American wife named Nicole. They had two children, a boy and a girl. However, the singer says she last saw them when they were young. The girl Maisha Mayanja was 1 year old and her son Dinari Mayanja was 2 years old.

Pallaso was at Entebbe airport to welcome his family and could not contain his joy. His family came to welcome them, especially his mother.
“It’s so nice to see my family after a long time, especially the kids. The last time we met was 8 years ago. The boy is 2 years old and the girl is 1 year old,” said Palaso. His mother, Prossy Mayanja, is also happy to follow her grandchildren. He said he threw some kind of party at his house to welcome them. Their grandfather, Mzee Gerald Mayanja, was waiting for them at home.

Pallaso’s mother said she was delighted when her son performed at Boulange’s Kabaka on his recent 68th birthday. He said his son made them proud and what he did was amazing.
Meanwhile, Palazzo’s wife and children await the Love Fest concert. It will be held at Lugogo Cricket Oval on June 9.
It should also be remembered that the singer fled to America in 2004 under the nickname Lizard. It was to find greener pastures. However, he contacted those who remained at home. In 2013, he scored the breakthrough hit Amaaso with Radio & Weasel. He decided to return to Uganda and settle here permanently. In doing so, he went too far in violating the visa issued by the US government. As a result, he was banned from returning to the United States for 10 years.

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