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Sheilah Gashumba Gives Alien Skin A Ton Of Praise.

Fast-rising performer Patrick Mulwana, aka Alien Skin, has undoubtedly captured the attention of the music business and is currently ruling the charts in both uptown and downtown. Sheilah Gashumba, a prominent media figure, has praised her for this.
The singer has really crossed boundaries if someone from the uptown neighborhood like Sheilah is praising him. Alien Skin was compared by Sheilah to Asake, a current top-charting artist in Nigeria.
It seems that Asake appeared out of nowhere with a unique sound and quickly dominated the Afrobeats genre. Few could identify the source of his style when he first began performing music shows in Nigeria.

Additionally, talent is talent, regardless of circumstance, said the NRG FM radio host. She continued by declaring her current favorite as “Party” by the Ghetto singer.
“Alien skin reminds me of ASAKE! ASAKE came out of nowhere with a new vibe and topped charts in Nigeria. Talent is talent; nobody ever figured out where his musical style originated when he later performed in shows outside of Nigeria. Alien Skin’s Party is currently my favorite song, she declared.
In the COVID-19 pandemic era, Alien Skin made a splash on TikTok. He didn’t start to peak highly on the charts, though, until late last year.

He is unquestionably the most popular and hotly tipped singer in the nation right now. His popularity has been fueled in part by his shady and enigmatic persona.
For the past few weeks, he has been making headlines. Pallaso, a fellow performer, first attacked him.
From there, he organized a concert at Freedom City that broke records and left the venue “asking for water.”. No musician from Uganda has ever managed such numbers for their debut concerts, so this performance left people in a state of disbelief.

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