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Socialite Badblack Apologizes To Her Slim Dady

If there one thing Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Badblack hasn’t done is; Meeting GOD! She has done it all.

The controversial socialite seems tightly ready to square off against anyone who fights her and the slim dady, this has come after her sharing her opinion on the linked video of Akram (currently husband to hajjat kruthum) who was seem chucked.

“MY opinion that small misunderstandings doesn’t make you to appear on all tv interviews unless ur dense… You can slove the matter out of cameras not everything public bamanye ate Acram reasoning capacity ya p7 drop out koz nze ndi wa s2 … relationship is not a public toilet muli bantu bakulu” bad black said

In a blick of an eye, Akram took it personal and went ahead and torn Badblack’s hubby into pieces by calling him a doll a thing which turned bad black off and called for a live video where she almost made the situation worse.

“Akram gwe oli wa live ku sawa 4pm coz post s not enough Genda kumalamu amalo ekyakufubizza namwaddu mugule charge ur phones within 20mins” badblack alerting Akram.

Today, badblack has made it official and apologized to her slim daddy for including him in matters which were not about him.

“Dear slim daddY

I apologize on behalf of online in-laws that one of them came and included you in matters which where not concern you Yet for all 5yrs we’ve been together tosaba ngako kugenda mumawulire nor tv wadde interview ur very private person and peaceful .. not chasing clots… so I’m here to let you know that I’m goin to protect you dear .. it’s a new daY new chapter i love you too much ” Badblack’s apology.

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