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Bad black Pardoned By Dr. Kulthum

Bad Black, whose real name is Namuyimbwa Shanita and who once referred to herself as the president of Ugandan prostitutes, has now officially apologized to Dr. Kulthum and her husband Gumisiriza Akram.
She had previously attacked the couple on social media, calling them all kinds of derogatory names and accusing them of being school dropouts.
Bad Black received a response from her husband, Hajjat Kulthum, but she did not. She made the decision to call the police and report Bad Black for harassing her on social media after seeing that Kulthum was also mentioned.
Also reporting the same incident to police was Ms. Black. She made it known that her attorneys are taking the necessary action and that she is prepared to go to court.
Bad Black and her boyfriend, however, made the decision to leave the country a few days after reporting. To avoid being detained, they traveled to Nairobi which later realized false!!
She stated on social media that she was not yet prepared for jail due to the length of time she had already served for embezzlement.
Dr. In the interim, Kulthum pardoned her and urged her to go home because her family, particularly the kids, needed her.
Being pardoned made Bad Black happy. She immediately expressed her regret and pledged to meet Dr. Kulthum as soon as possible.
“Hajjati, Alhamdulillah nsaba Allah atusasissire. Me too I apologize for strong words I used against you due to anger management. I have forgiven Mr Akram for everything he said against my man …. Stay blessed … If I’m in Kampala bulungi nyo genda kunoonyako,” she posted.

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