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Bruno K claims that there are numerous mafias in the music industry.

Struggling singer Bruno Kiggundu aka Bruno K has claimed that there is a lot of mafia in the Ugandan music industry. They seem to benefit from the sweat of hardworking musicians who put a lot of effort into their profession. Bruno K said after a chat with seasoned Kadongo kamu singer Sir Fred Ssebata. According to the singer Faridah, these mafia steal everything from the singers. He then added that he was so overwhelmed that he shed tears while talking to Sebata.

“I had a chat with Lord Fred Sebatta, naye guys the music industry has some serious mafias stealing everything from artists. It hurts seeing a legend like Lord Fred shed tears and speaking with so much pain,” said Bruno K.

It should be noted that Ssebata is one of the most famous and accomplished musicians in the country. Some call him the greatest Kadongo Kamu singer of all time. He became popular in the 90s and 2000s because his music was a commodity. However, he seems to have risen out of poverty in recent years. He recently made a public appearance at Pastor Samuel Kakande Synagogue Church of All Nations in Mulago. Looks like he’s looking for a miracle. He said he had problems with his family, especially his older daughter, who despised him.

After praying for him, Kakande presented him with an envelope containing millions of dollars. The musicians therefore believe that the copyright law and the Uganda National Federation of Musicians will put an end to such problems.

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