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Thank You For Your Trust and Faith in Us -Ayamba Desire To MIU Sudents.

From primary school to secondary, and now to university, one thing has been consistent with Ayamba Desire Bwayo – leadership. That is why Ayamba’s assumption of duty as the 5th Guild President of Metropolitan International University did not shock many who have been following his leadership journey.

Students who voted Ayamba Desire into office in the elections held in 2022 say he was their choice because he is an ambitious and strategic leader. He was described as a leader who identifies problems and is quick to offer solutions. “I have a passion to serve the interests of students so they can enjoy their academic life and stay at the campus,” he said after swearing in as the new president in 2022.

As he is soon giving out the Guild president’s office to the newly elected president Mukisa John, Ayamba has thanked all Metropolitan International University students through his official Twitter account for their trust and faith.

It should be noted that nn Saturday 25th March 2023, Mukisa John won the Guild race with 300 and above votes and he is to replace the Non Partsan Politician Ayamba Desire in the office as the 6th Guild president of Metropolitan international university.

A secular private university licensed and accredited by National Council for Higher Education (UNCHE) in Uganda. MIU is located in Kisoro in South Western Uganda and has a second campus in Kampala, Namungoona on plot 281 along Nakibinge road.


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