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The fact that Alien Skin is holding a concert on Pallaso’s date doesn’t bother me- Balaam.

The fact that Alien Skin’s concert is being held on the same day as Pallaso’s is not bothering fellow event promoter Balaam Barugahara.
Pallaso and Alien Skin appear to be at odds with one another now that the promoters are the main target of their animosity rather than the singers and fans.
Evidently, Pallaso’s LoveFest concert was orchestrated by Balaam. After the fight between the singers, Abitex also quickly moved to stage Alien Skin’s Sitya Danger Concert.
In a press conference he held yesterday, the singer claimed that since he sings constantly, he doesn’t need to rehearse.
Balaam, however, claimed that his rival had not acted honestly in organizing the Sitya Danger Concert. In contrast, he is confident that the Sitya Danger will fail and Pallaso’s LoveFest will be a success.
A different promoter, though.
According to Bajjo, the biggest musicians in the nation right now are Pallaso and Alien Skin.
Any promoter who wants to make money should set up a competition between the two singers. However, he considers Pallaso to be superior to Alien Skin musically.

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