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Evelyn Namulondo, I Don’t Want My Kids To Work In The Entertainment Business.

Evelyn Namulondo, a star of Ebonies and Rema Namakula’s best friend, has stated that she opposes the idea of having her children work in the entertainment industry. The actress claims that she doesn’t like the concept. She would have to support them if that were the course they ever took, though.
Evidently, the actress is well aware of the risks associated with the entertainment industry, of which she has been a part for over ten years. Currently, Namulondo and her boyfriend are parents to one child. Recently, Mesach Ssemakula, a musician in the band, was thought to be the father of this woman’s son.
The boy known as Katende, according to the Kankutendereze singer, is actually his son’s close friend, who later clarified this. He cares for him as if he were his own.

Eddy Kenzo, Rema’s ex-boyfriend, is not a problem in Namulondo’s eyes, she added.
She claims that although they are not friends, there is no bad blood between them. Namulondo claims to be unmarried. Despite being connected to a few men, she has never publicly acknowledged any of them.

“I wouldn’t support my children to join the entertainment industry. However, if it’s their choice, I ought to support them,” said Evelyn Namulondo. 

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