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Who is Mpiima Johnson?

Mpiima Johnson is a fast-rising Musical and content creator based in Kampala. His passion for Music, Entertainment Writing and the creative arts has attracted the spotlight on his daily grind with his audience praising his work. He has a knack for creating and writing content such as music, which has attracted several deals from different brands as well as a legion of fans that follow his contents. He took some time off to speak to our writer about his journey and experience since starting off in the industry.

  Who is Mpiima Johnson?

Mpiima Johnson (born, 12 December 1995) is a Ugandan Music Singer, Writer, Actor, Producer. He sings in Luganda, English. He is also known as Mpiima Music.

He is one of the inspiration growing Artist and Entertainment writers on different social media pages such as Mpiima Media and also former Grenade Music content poster/publisher.

He is also one of the inspirational youths in society because of his life changing story that he could share with anyone when met in person.

  1. Mpiima’s journey into music & Entertainment, content creation; what inspired him to start music, Arts and Entertainment?

Mpiima Johnson is an African man who comes from Uganda; He was born in the family of Mr Nachos Mpiima and Mrs Namale in 1995. He came into the world on the 12th of December. He has only six siblings. Her father is a businessman and the same applies to mother.

He grew up in Namasuba, Ndejje, one of the commercial towns in Kampala. As a youngster, He aspired to be a Musical Artist and had a great admiration for Eddy Kenzo one of the successful Artists.

In 2018, He joined the Music industry of which the journey wasn’t that easy for him. Later after trying his level best in studio, he dropped some of the Tunes and they were distributed on different music platforms with gave him a fame and popularity on social media.

  1. What type of Music and content does Mpima enjoy creating the most?

Well, African and Afro Pop Music, Raga. In content, He love writing music and Entertainment Articles about different musical stars.

  1. Disco biography:

Awana love – Artist and writer – Mpiima Johnson

Am gonna be with you – Artist and writer: Mpiima Johnson

Tek you Out – Artist and writer – Mpiima Johnson

Silikulekulila – Artist and writer – Mpiima Johnson

  1. Why Music and content creation?

Personally, He loves visualizing concepts of my own and watching it grow from just an idea into something that people will love and appreciate. Also, He loves the fact that he can be a part of the creative process and create something meaningful and relevant especially with the current trends.

But how does he earn from creating this content?

He works with a couple of brands either through influencing or content creation, for example He has done content for Grenade Music, Mpiima Media, Buzen Technologies, Wakanda Mobile Saloons. He is currently working with Jbum Solutions and Mpiima Media Entertainment Publishers as Content writer, On the other side, He does music Recording and stage performances.

Additionally, He also use social media platforms; distribute and publish music into digital music stores like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, and branding artists on Google.

  1. How is he breaking boundaries in the world of content creation?

Most of people like him are conservative in the content they want to put out probably because they are scared and unsure of what they have created so he is putting everything he shoots and films out there for your eyes.

  1. Doesn’t he sometimes fear that his content will be poorly received?

Ronaldo and Messi have critics so it’s only fair that not everyone will appreciate what he creates. Anyways, criticism helps him learn and get better so he is not afraid of it.

  1. How does he keep up with the trends or how does he try to keep up an appeal with his audiences?

He attends pretty much every event which directly translates to content for those that missed it and he also spend a lot of time on Twitter and that’s where everything happens.

  1. What are some of his other hobbies?

Mpiima loves traveling. He feels a certain type of way whenever he spends more than a month in Kampala without traveling anywhere. he also loves to swim though the weather this year on Sundays has been questionable.

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