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Vinka, opens a daycare and explains why.

The musician Veronica Nalugya, better known by her stage name Vinka, has admitted that she opened a daycare center and explained why she did it. The singer claimed that while it wasn’t initially in her plans, she gave it some thought after giving birth.

She considered the many mothers who have a constrained amount of maternity leave time. They always have three months or so of this leave, after which they must quickly return to work.
She understood that many might require it because she had been there herself. Even though it hasn’t opened yet, this daycare will take care of infants from 3 months to 3 years old.

Additionally, the singer of the song Thank God described some of the difficulties she has faced so far in marriage. Though there aren’t many, the only time she worries is when she leaves her child at home to go to a performance.
Yes, I did open a daycare center, and it will take care of infants from 3 months to 3 years old. I initially didn’t plan to start one, but after I had my baby, I gave it some thought. I considered maternity leave, which mandates that these mothers return to work after three months. They require a location where they can feel safe after leaving their children, I realized. “.

So far in my marriage, I haven’t had many issues. Perhaps only when I leave my child at home to go to work. Who I leave him with always makes me nervous. However, I always go home after work to care for him. Fortunately, I have a devoted and caring husband,” the singer said.
Swangz Avenue’s addition of a stone to her honor was also something she appreciated. Because of the music label, according to Vinka, people are aware of her.

Before leaving the label, she began working here as Irene Ntale’s music manager. That is what competition is all about for the musicians the label keeps signing.

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