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Reknown YouTuber Ibrah K Mukasa Moves To US.

Ibrah K Mukasa, a media figure and YouTuber, has disclosed that he has moved permanently to the United States. Ibrah has long been featured in the media.
By the time he moved to the US, he was employed by Spark Television. He is one of the most popular YouTubers in Uganda and has been very active there as well.

Numerous media figures from Uganda have recently moved to other nations. Most of them have relocated to the US, Canada, and the UK in search of better lands.
Now that he has left his family behind, Ibrah K. Mukasa has also joined the group, though he has not yet disclosed the precise position he will hold there.

When the time comes for journalists in Uganda to leave the business, they essentially have nothing and nowhere to go because they are not paid enough. People who have worked in the media for more than ten years, like Ibrah K. Mukasa, are without a place to go.
People have reportedly asked the YouTuber what comes after the media. He made the decision to go do his personal things and carry on with his family because of this.

“I am officially relocating to the United States of America (USA). I don’t think I will be back in Uganda any time soon. Anyone who wants me now knows where to find me,” he said.

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