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You’re Responsible For Alien’s Concert On My Concert Day – Pallaso To Abitex

Singer Pius Mayanja of Team Good Music, also known by his stage name Pallaso, accused concert promoter Abbey Musinguzi of being responsible for Alien Skin’s performance. Alien Skin, he claimed, wouldn’t have considered ruining his concert by scheduling his own for the same night if it weren’t for Abitex.
After the Covid-19 lockdown, problems with Abitex and Pallaso began. Pallaso was one of the best musicians at the time and had a ton of hits.
Fortunately, they made the rounds and people danced to them every day because he recorded and released the majority of them during lockdown.
The singer began demanding a high fee from promoters to perform at any show after the lockdown was lifted. He desired to recover the cash he had spent on music during the lockdown.
That didn’t work for Abitex as a promoter, though. He had bad luck when he asked Pallaso to lower the price he charges for each performance.
The performer advised them to stop booking him if they can’t pay him the amount he demands. He claimed that his management would find a way for him to start making money.
Now, when he made the decision to hold a concert, many promoters, including Abitex, declined to work with him. He then made the decision to continue working while using his saved funds to host a concert alone.
Unfortunately, he got into a fight with Alien Skin, and Abitex found a way to avenge him by scheduling Alien Skin’s concert on a reasonable day.
Pallaso asserted that because of his evil heart, he would never forgive Abitex.

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