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Life on the Islands -A Movie Written By Kemigisha Rhinah Ressey premiering soon!

As one of Uganda’s top filmmakers, Kemigisha Rhinah Ressey has steadily made her presence known. ” Life on the Islands,” the actress’ debut film, is soon to be released. The movie will be officially released before the year is out. Rhinah says that the shooting is finished and her editing team is currently working on the movie’s final cuts, which will be made available to the public soon.

Ronie Stamina, Kemigisha Rhinah Ressey, Mugisha Asha, and Mayambala Umar are a few of the movie’s major actors and the subjects of the movie are Heath, family, and lifestyle.

Rhinah says that when she was working at Kalangala Health Center IV, she witnessed the situation in which people were leaving and was compelled to make this movie. According to Rhinah Ressey, she spent time and interacted with a variety of people at the health center, and the main issue they all had was losing hope. She claims 90% of these people were depressed, especially those who learned they had the HIV/AIDS virus.

Rhinah Ressey claims that after relocating to Kampala, she always found the time to mobilize for charitable endeavors, traveled back to Kalangala, and provided various people with the necessities of life—clothes, food, and a variety of other items.

According to Rhinah Ressey, she found it very simple to complete the project titled ” Life on the Islands” because she was already familiar with every aspect of island life, including how people act and live though she found some financial problems in the movie setting where more income was needed to cater for the entire movie actors and materials to be used.

If her project is successful, Rhinah Ressey anticipates receiving a lot of support and attention from various organizations to see that the message in her movie is extend in different areas, including the UNICEF, TASO, and many others. She adds that she would like to communicate with these groups on any level so they can provide assistance not only to the residents of Kalangala but also to those on other Islands.

Rhinah Ressey stated in an interview with one of our radio hosts that the movie is incredibly entertaining and almost entirely educational. She provided an example in which she described how she acted as an HIV-positive patient who spent her life in a bar; she demonstrated both positive and negative outcomes.

She asserts that viewers should anticipate a well-made film which will be worth watching and sharing.

CLICK HERE to watch the movie Demo.

As more information becomes available, we will keep you informed…….


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