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The body of Justice Amoko Stella will be presented to Parliament today.

The body of the late Justice Amoko Stella Arach, a former court judge, will be honored during a special session of parliament today. Following a brief illness, Lady Justice Amoko passed away on June 17, 2023.

The legal community praised the late person yesterday for her unique personality and high-caliber work output.
She advanced through the judicial system’s ranks to the position of Supreme Court Judge in 2012 thanks to these character traits. She had maintained this position ever since, but she passed away this past weekend.

In 1997, she began working as a judge at the High Court. Before being elevated to the position of Justice of the Court of Appeal in 2010, she was at this level.
In memory of Justice Amoko, the opening of yesterday’s plenary session was preceded by a moment of silence in the legislature.
The Lhubiriha Secondary School students were also honored by them by doing this. These were murdered by suspected ADF militants on the same day that the justice was killed.

“The House has adjourned to Wednesday, 21 June, 2023, at 2:00pm for a #SpecialSitting in honor of former Supreme Court Judge, Justice Stella Arach Amoko,” Parliament’s Twitter post partly read.

Anita Among, the Speaker of Parliament is expected to receive the body of the late this afternoon, minutes before the special sitting begins.

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