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“I do not have time for the federation” – Spice Diana

The Uganda National Musicians Federation has cut ties with musician Spice Diana.

Notably, the singer was one of the federation’s original founders.

She played a significant role in the events that resulted in the formation of this federation and was frequently present.

She appears to have recently distanced herself from the federation’s activities, though.

She reportedly decided against remaining a member of this group. Spice revealed her constant busyness in a media interview.

She consequently lacks the time to participate in the federation’s activities. She does, however, believe that other leaders are carrying out their duties.

“I have a lot of shows on right now, which keeps me very busy. I have a full month of commitments. I therefore lack the necessary time to fully understand what is happening there. However, I have no doubt that the leaders I left behind are working extremely hard.”

This Federation has drawn a lot of criticism, particularly from musicians who support the singer and politician Bobi Wine. Many people believe that it was implemented to combat the politician who appeared to be a threat to the current administration.

Spice Diana also discussed her experience working with Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz, who was recently visiting the nation. According to the Siri Regular singer, they reportedly went into the studio and recorded a few songs.

They recorded more than two songs, not just one. The expectation is that each singer will bring their own song, for which they will be financially responsible.

To film the video, Spice will soon travel to Tanzania. She added that she didn’t receive any cash requests from the owner of Wasafi Records. They did not charge for any of the songs they recorded.

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