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Man Suspected Of Murder Killed By Furious Mob.

The circumstances surrounding the murder of two people by an irate mob are being looked into by the Rukiga district police. The murders that are being looked into concern both the victim and his assailant.

Silver Rubanda was the first victim, according to ASP Elly Maate, the Kigezi Region Police Spokesperson. Rwabatunga cell Noozi parish, Rwamucucu sub-county was home to Silver, a 61-year-old resident.

According to reports, Rubanda left his house on Tuesday morning and went on a drinking binge until 11 pm before beginning his journey home. This time, Rubanda apparently never made it home because some people heard him sounding an alarm.
Passersby found Rubanda’s body lying lifeless just a few meters from his home on Wednesday morning, Maate continued. Additionally, the murderer had tied a rope around his neck and strangled him.

It should be noted that locals believed Aloysius Byamukama, 24, was responsible for the heinous act.
This is due to the conflict the two have been involved in. Others in the neighborhood had suspicions because the dispute was still pending judgment on the fateful day.
The locals hunted down Byamukama and severely beat him after finding the body. He was eventually freed from his tormentors by the police, who then hurried him to Mbaro Health Center IV. Sadly, he died a short while after getting to the Health Center.

Under the references CRB 167 and 168/2023, the Rukiga Central Police station has received reports of both a strangulation and a murder committed by the enraged mob.

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