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Ronald Mayinja Trashes Rumors Of Divorcing Wife

Rumors that singer Ronald Mayinja and his wife split up have been denied. According to the singer, none of these rumors are true in the slightest. But he claimed that his wife and children had moved to London after moving to the UK. Mayinja added that he visits there on occasion as well.
The singer for Tuli Kubunkenke claimed that his family had decided to leave that location. He also supported the idea thus them relocating.

They questioned the singer about whether he made this decision in light of the political unrest at home. Mayinja disputed this, asserting that he only did it for the UK’s benefits.
They then questioned him about his lack of a wedding ring. Mayinja claimed that he has never married his wife and that the only marriage they have had is one for which they did not exchange rings.

The singer was also questioned regarding his music career and the reason why he used his sons to defect to the government, which he bitterly despised.
It and the wrongs that were being done, according to the Golden Band singer, were the only things he criticized. He added that even if a new government comes up, his songs will always be available to correct them.

Mayinja on his limited music appearances said that it’s because he’s been inactive. He does not, however, believe that his affiliation with the NRM has inflamed the populace. He continued, “I have a new song coming out very soon and I feel the vibe is back for me to resume my career.”.
Furthermore, Mayinja was questioned about Bobi Wine’s new song. It was suggested to him that it was likely aiming at him and his fellow Baganda musicians, Big Eye and Full Figure. Mayinja said that he’s beyond such petty stuff and even hasn’t listened to the song yet.

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