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Cindy Disputes Her Membership in Eddy Kenzo’s Federation.

With regard to UMA joining the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF), musician Cindy Sanyu has come forward to refute the reports that have been circulating on various media platforms.

She claimed on her Facebook page that UMA has long desired to join the Federation under Kenzo‘s leadership. But her Association is still having trouble with the conditions of the coming together.

Although UMA will federate, according to the Boom Party singer, it hasn’t done so as of yet. The confirmatory reports are all false, and this follows. She continued by pointing out the size of the music industry and the importance of inclusivity to its success.

The former Blu 3 singer continued by saying that important stakeholders ought to be included in their unity.
These people include people like writers and producers, among others. The unity of the entire music industry, not just musicians, would be better served by this.

The negotiations are still going on, she said as she wrapped up. And they are hoping to reach a resolution quickly that is favorable.

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