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The bilateral agreement between Uganda and Saudi Arabia is renewed in order to resume labor externalization.

The Ugandan government and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have just signed a bilateral agreement aimed at resuming labor exportation. Hon. Betty Amongi, Minister of Gender, Labor, and Social Development, signed this agreement.
The change happened after both nations settled on a number of issues.

“The Minister @Mglsd_UG @BettyAmongi has this evening signed off the new Bilateral Labour Agreement with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia following the concurrence on key issues between the two countries.”

The welfare and rights of workers have been improved, which was one of the main topics discussed in the run-up to this new agreement. cost control and regulation. No deductions from salaries, among other things.

Hon Amongi is anticipated to make a comprehensive announcement regarding this subject soon.
Additionally, on Thursday, the Minister will speak to the media at the Media Center about the Agreement in more detail.

These are the main lessons to be learned.
1. significant advancements in domestic workers’ rights and welfare.
2. Control costs and enforce regulations.
3. There are no salary deductions other than those required by law or permitted by the employee.
4. legal redress for breaking rules and regulations.
5. Employees are encouraged to open bank accounts, and unless they specify otherwise, all funds are paid into those accounts.
6. Regulations must be put in place for employee transfers and contract extensions.
7. technical joint. It will take two months to form the committee. “.

The bilateral labor export agreement between Uganda and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was suspended in December 2022, it should be recalled. The decision was made in response to reports of ongoing abuse and torture of migrant workers from Uganda.

In 2017, the two nations agreed to a five-year agreement to advance the welfare of domestic workers. Although Saudi Arabia was asked to address the issue of torture, the government declined to renew that contract after it had expired.

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