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Leave Dre Cali Alone- Ykee Benda To Fans

Ykee Benda, a musician and CEO of Mpaka Records, has pleaded with fans to keep their distance from his ex-singer Dre Cali. During Covid-19, Ykee Benda discovered Dre Cali, a new talent in the area. He needed musicians who would be interested in signing with his newly founded music label. Dre Cali was one of those individuals who accepted the deal.
He was prepared to begin releasing music once he had been signed. Dre Cali achieved success in the music business after Mpaka Records continued to support him. Dre Cali, on the other hand, stopped using his social media accounts last year and stopped appearing in public. People began to wonder where he might be, and Ykee Benda had to look for Dre Cali because he was the manager and boss.

After several weeks of searching for him and contacting his family, someone in Canada came forward and revealed that Dre Cali had been seen there. Due to Dre Cali’s talent and the fact that he achieved success in the music industry, many people were surprised by this.

When Ykee Benda addressed the media, he claimed that no one had informed him that Dre Cali was departing. Dre Cali has been living in Canada for a year without speaking to his boss. What transpired, in the singer’s opinion, came to an end at that point, and people ought to let Dre Cali get on with his life.

“I want people to let Dre Cali do whatever he wants, even though our contract with him is over,” said the speaker. I simply ask God to bless his efforts,” he said.

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